Dr.Shrink – The World’s Premium Shrink Wrap
Supplier now in New Zealand

Dr Shrink products are renowned worldwide for their superior quality of plastic.  By using only 100% virgin resins this guarantees true micron thickness and consistency on all rolls of shrink wrap.

Maximum UV inhibitors added to the product ensure the best possible performance in the harsh New Zealand sun.  The shrink wrap is unsurpassed in the global market place and is now fully available in New Zealand.

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‘Boat Haulage Ltd has been using plastic film as shrink wrapping for about 15 years. We have researched all supplies and have found Dr Shrink film and tape to be unequalled. Nothing that we have tried is worth the experimentation. We now only would use Dr Shrink products.’ 

Bob Wylie, Manager - Boat Haulage

Made in USA

Dr.Shrink materials are made
in the U.S.A

NZ Agent Details
Phone 0800 497 274
Email info@drshrink.co.nz
Adrian Price
Managing Director
  0275 36 5505
Cherie Brown National Sales Manager
  021 025 62000